Vlieland is a beautiful island with numerous attractions worth exploring. From lighthouses to historic buildings and special museums to natural beauty. Explore the island and discover for yourself the many attractions Vlieland has to offer!

St. Nicholas Church

Opposite number 133 on Dorpsstraat is the Church Square where this beautiful church can be admired. This church is one of the oldest Protestant church buildings in the Netherlands. Inside the church you can see the original whale jaws that used to be used as tombstones. The Nicholas Church is the only religious building on Vlieland and is open to everyone, regardless of their religious background. The church is open for viewing from April to September on Wednesdays between 10 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. 

Tromp's Huys

The oldest building in Vlieland, located at number 99 in the Dorpsstraat, is Tromp's Huys. It was built around 1575 and currently serves as a museum highlighting the (cultural) history of the island. Some of the rooms have been restored to their original state. Besides temporary exhibitions, the permanent collection consists of various items such as (sea) paintings, drawings, historical household goods, nautical maps, archaeological finds, maritime tokens, ship models and telescopes. 

The former City Hall

At number 148 on Dorpsstraat stands the former Vlieland Town Hall, a neo-classical building erected in 1855 to replace the original 1598 town hall. The old town hall, which stood in the village of Westeynde and had a tower that served as a beacon for boaters, was gradually swallowed up by the sea. Two gable stones, one with the year 1598 and one with the coat of arms of Vlieland, still recall the old town hall.

The Fire Dune

A sight not to be missed is the old lighthouse 'De Vuurduin'. When you walk all the way down Dorpsstraat, you will see the tower on your right. To view it, you must first climb the wooden stairs that lead to the 'Vuurboetsduin', one of the highest dunes in the Netherlands. Then follow the cast-iron stairs that lead to the tower itself. The Fire Dune is open to visitors on weekdays from 2 to 4 p.m. 

The Cheese Bunker

Deep under Vlieland's highest dune, 'Vlielander Bunkerkazen' ripens in a former drinking water bunker. This cheese is made from organic milk from Friesian cows and seaweed from the sea around the island. The seaweed contains 25 times more iron than meat and no farmland is needed for production. The cheese is produced at cheese factory 'Kaaslust' in Oosterwolde. The seaweed cheese is a popular delicacy on Vlieland and the bunker can be visited on your own with a video tour and tasting. The bunker is located near the lighthouse.

Fortuna Beer Brewery

Brewery Fortuna uses the pure power of Vlieland to brew craft beers. The island's delicious water serves as the base, to which the brewers add local ingredients such as sea buckthorn, cranberry and rosehip. The brewery is powered by 144 solar panels on the roof, which generate the necessary energy. The modern and beautiful building provides space not only for brewing beer, but also for tours, exhibitions and concerts. Furthermore, yoga classes and tastings with other Vlieland products can be attended. You can find the brewery at Fortweg 10, near the marina.