Of course, at Vlieland you can enjoy not only nature and activities, but also shopping. The island has several nice little stores where you can go for souvenirs, clothing, accessories and more. From trendy boutiques to local craft stores, there is something for everyone. Shop in the cozy Dorpsstraat or visit the Vlieland harbor for an even larger selection of stores.

Eb & Vloed is a stylish and compact department store that sells branded clothing for women, men and children, home goods, body care products, fun gadgets for young and old, and has a food & wine department. Located at 89 Dorpsstraat, the store selects for quality and durability..

At number 95 on Dorpsstraat is the trendy Surf Shop Beachy. Here you will find a trendy collection of exclusive brand clothing and accessories that are (sideways) related to the world of water sports. The store selects on sustainable products and ecological where possible.

PR8 Vlieland is located at Dorpsstraat number 8. Here you will find a diverse range of women's and men's clothing, from hip and sporty to casual and fashionable. The atmosphere in the store is casual and it also sells belts, bags, slippers and shoes.

On the sunny side of Dorpsstraat at number 48 is Houters Warenhuis. This spacious department store has been owned by the Houters family for generations and offers a variety of drugstore and toiletries, souvenirs, clothing, toys and more.

The Kwetternest is located at number 22-24 on the left side of Dorpsstraat. This store sells gifts and accessories such as seashells, shawls and scaffoldwood picture frames.

Noorderlicht is a narrow store at number 138 that sells kites, challenging and imaginative toys, beach supplies and angling equipment for young and old. It is one of the last stores on Dorpsstraat.

De Parel is a small, old building located at number 133 near the Wadden Center and natural history museum De Noordwester and the historic Church Square. The Pearl has a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and is one of the last stores on the long Dorpsstraat.