On Vlieland, you can also enjoy a pleasant evening out in the evening. There are several cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a snack and a drink, often with live music. During the high season there are regular events and parties. Although the nightlife on Vlieland is not as exuberant as in some big cities, there is plenty to do!

Nightlife on Vlieland has a lot to offer, despite being a small island. One of the most special places to go out on Vlieland is the Vlieland Cinema. In fact, this is the smallest cinema in the Netherlands with only 28 seats. Here you can enjoy the latest movies in an intimate setting. The cinema has a cozy atmosphere and is located in the old post office on the Dorpsstraat.

Another place to visit is Café De Bolder. This is the oldest pub on Vlieland and has a long history dating back to 1914. De Bolder has a cozy and unique atmosphere and offers live music, DJs and other entertainment. The pub is also a popular place for young people to dance and party. Upstairs is a hall where concerts and performances are regularly held.

A special event that takes place annually in Vlieland is the Concert by Candlelight. This event takes place in the St. Nicholas Church and offers a unique musical experience in a special atmosphere. The church is lit by candles and the music is played by various musicians and ensembles. The concert usually takes place in December and is a popular event among locals and tourists alike.