Horseback riding

Horseback riding on Vlieland is a unique experience you won't soon forget. The island offers beautiful routes through the dunes, over the beach and through the woods. There are several riding schools where you can go for a relaxing ride or an intensive tour. Whether you are an experienced rider or have never sat on a horse before, there is a suitable activity for every level.


A popular route for horseback riding is Vlieland's beach. Here you can gallop along the surf on a horseback ride and enjoy the beautiful view of the North Sea. You can also ride from the riding school into the dunes and through the wooded area of Vlieland. Here you will experience the peace and quiet of the island and pass beautiful places such as the Vuurboetsduin and the Posthuys.

A special experience is a horseback ride on the Vliehors, the vast sandy plain on the west side of Vlieland. Here you can gallop over the sand with your horse and enjoy the panoramic view. At the Vliehors Expres you can even book a beach ride where you are taken to the Vliehors in a converted truck and from there you ride back to the stables on horseback.

If you do not own a horse yourself, you can go to several riding stables on Vlieland for a horseback ride. There are tours for beginners and experienced riders and the duration varies from one hour to a whole day. For children, there are special pony rides where they can ride under the guidance of an instructor.