Fun for kids

Vlieland is a fantastic destination for families with children. Besides the beautiful nature, there are numerous activities and attractions that guarantee lots of children's fun. For example, children can have fun on the beach, swim in the sea, play in the dunes and go on discovery trips during excursions and treasure hunts. In addition, there are several playgrounds and there is even a petting zoo. In short, there is plenty to do for young and old on Vlieland!


There is plenty to do on Vlieland for children who like to be active. The Vlieland Outdoor Center offers various sporting activities such as mountain biking, laser gaming in the dunes, blokarting on the beach and archery. A boat trip to spot seals or explore the beautiful Wadden area is also highly recommended. For a unique experience, you can take an adventurous ride across the beach to the Vliehors with the sturdy trucks of the Vliehors Expres. For those who like to seek the heights, climbing the Vuurduin and the old lighthouse is a must. And what could be more fun than a pony ride for the little ones? In short, on Vlieland children can have a great time.

Get to know Vlieland better

Wadden Center De Noordwester on Vlieland is a fascinating destination for anyone interested in the island and the Wadden Sea. Upon entering, the immense skeleton of a sperm whale that washed ashore in 2004 is immediately impressive to behold. The center also houses a sea aquarium with various fish and marine animals from the North Sea and Wadden Sea. In the "strait" it is possible to pet rays, which swim near the sandbar Griend, between Vlieland and Harlingen.

The center also has the largest collection of sand in the Netherlands, with thousands of different species. Children can turn in their finds from the beach at De Noordwester and receive a Jut Diploma. The washed-up material can be displayed in the Beachcomber's Attic. The wreck attic is also worth a visit. The Gnome Forest shows what the gnomes and animals on Vlieland do throughout the year. The center also offers films and exhibits from the Forestry Commission and others. Information is provided at the front desk and outdoor excursions can be booked here.

Miniature golf course 'The old lighthouse'

On the edge of the forest and close to the boat, you will find mini-golf course De Oude Vuurtoren, a popular destination for families looking for a fun and relaxing activity on Vlieland. With eighteen courses of varying difficulty, the course offers plenty of challenge for players of all ages.

The Old Lighthouse is not just another miniature golf course; it is a real attraction in itself. In fact, the course is built around an old lighthouse house, which creates a unique atmosphere while playing. 

The youngest players can enjoy the game with special children's sticks adapted to their size and strength. For families looking for more entertainment, there are also other activities near the miniature golf course, such as hiking and biking in the forest or visiting the nearby Wadden Center De Noordwester.

Swimmingpool Flidunen

Even on sunny Vlieland, the weather can sometimes turn. Fortunately, you don't have to get bored then, because the swimming pool Flidunen offers a lot of water fun. The pool is equipped with all conveniences to give young and old a good time. In addition to the 25-meter pool, there is also a toddler pool with a baby section, so the little ones can also safely enjoy the water.

But there is more than just swimming at Flidunen. For example, outside the building winds a long tunnel slide that you can have fun whizzing down. And if you feel the need to accelerate, you can let yourself be carried away in the jet-stream. For the real daredevils there is also a turbo shower. For those who want to slow down a bit, there is a running mat and play equipment to play and float on.