Exploring the mud flats

Nature lovers beware! The mud flats around Vlieland are a unique nature reserve that should not be missed during a visit to the island. The wad is a special area with unique flora and fauna and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Take a walk or wade excursion with an experienced guide and discover the mud flats and everything that lives there. 

A fun way to explore the mud flats is on foot. At low tide, you can walk straight from the Wadden dike onto the mud flats and take a walk on the bottom of the sea. It is wise to do this accompanied by a guide, who can tell you all about the flora and fauna you will encounter along the way.

Another way to explore the mudflats is by boat. Various boat trips are offered from Vlieland's harbor. During these trips, you sail across the mud flats and you can enjoy the view of the sandbar and the seals that can regularly be found here.

A popular boat trip is the one to the Richel, an uninhabited island between Vlieland and Terschelling. Here you can disembark briefly and walk around the island. Please note that it is not allowed to spend the night here.

Gerrit Oesterman is one of Vlieland's most outstanding characters. He will take you on an adventurous trip across the mud flats, telling you all about the edible plants and animals you will encounter along the way. During this special excursion you will have the chance to pick your own oysters, which afterwards will be prepared with the most flavorful ingredients and served in the attractive Jutter Garden.