Vlieland offers a variety of events and festivals throughout the year. From the traditional St. Nicholas parade in November to the musical sounds of the festival Into The Great Wide Open in September. There are also regular art and cultural events, sports tournaments and theater and dance performances. 


The New Year is traditionally ushered in with a fresh dip in the North Sea during the New Year's Dive. This spectacle attracts many enthusiastic participants and spectators every year.

Another popular event on Vlieland is the Vuurtorenloop. This 5- or 10-kilometer running race takes participants past the most beautiful spots on the island, including the iconic lighthouse. It is also a wonderful event for spectators to see.

Sports enthusiasts can participate in the Stortemelk Halve Marathon, which takes place every September. This run takes participants through the varied landscape of the island and ends at the famous camping site Stortemelk.


During the summer months, Vlieland hosts the festival Into The Great Wide Open. This festival is known for the special locations where it takes place and the good music. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of artists, from well-known names to up-and-coming talent.

Other summer events on Vlieland include Here Comes The Summer, a small-scale festival emphasizing sustainability and quality, and the Horizontoer. This is a cultural festival that annually sails a sailing freighter along several Wadden Islands, with Vlieland as one of the highlights.


The Horizontoer is a special event on Vlieland that takes place every August. It is a cultural sailing trip along the Wadden Islands with various artists on board. On Vlieland the ship docks and visitors can enjoy various performances, shows and workshops. The event has been a household name on the Wadden Islands since 1967 and attracts many visitors each year.

Finally, there is the Amusetour, in which visitors visit various restaurants on the island on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy culinary delights. A cozy event where the taste buds are spoiled. In short, there is plenty to do on Vlieland throughout the year!